Tenant Tips

Renting a home – A guide for tenants

Learn about your rights and responsibilities as a renter with this free guide from Consumer Affairs

  • Please be punctual with payments. Timely payments are essential to maintain landlord and tenant satisfaction. While we understand that circumstances may dictate a slight delay in payment, please ensure you inform us as soon as possible if this occurs so we can work through any required arrangements.
  • Please be polite. We will too, being polite and calm really does go a long way. I know sometimes issues can seem to linger on, but we really are doing all we can to get things resolved.
  • Help us! Our team at Valley Estate Agents pride ourselves in taking care of our properties. However, we need your help! We can’t be everywhere all the time. Is there something we need to know about? Please tell us. Is something broken? Please let us know. Help us by being our eyes and ears. We really do appreciate it.
  • Please be factual. It helps us to know so we can resolve the issue as quickly as possible.
  • Please leave me a message. If we are not immediately available to take your call, please leave me a detailed message. We will assess what needs to be done and get back to as soon as possible.
  • Please try to understand. Sometimes other tenant’s issues will inevitably be more serious than others. We have to asses each situation and prioritise. We know about your issue, and we are working to have it resolved.
  • Communication is essential. Please tell us what is going on. Did you lose your job? Has your roommate left? We have been there before, and we know what it is like. We at Valley Estate Agents will listen and help where we can. But if you do not talk to us, there is no way of us knowing and being able to help. We can be easily contacted via ph. 4934 1907 or email rentals@valleyestateagents.com.au.
  • Please treat the property and trades people with respect. We believe this speaks for itself.
  • Please work with me. We know you are busy. We don’t like to disturb you, but we will be done and out of your way as soon as we can.
  • Please trust me. If we say we need to enter or inspect your home, it is for a legitimate reason.
  • Please respect your neighbours. Please consider how your actions may affect your neighbours. As the saying goes ‘Love thy neighbour’. It goes a long way to help promote a happy neighbourhood.
  • Inspection time. Please remember to put away any item that you do not wish us to see. It saves awkward situations in the future.

The team at Valley Estate Agents are committed to your satisfaction. Following these simple tips will ensure we can achieve our aim and provide the best possible service for our clients.